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13 Beauty STEPS in Make Up by BENEFIT Cosmetics and MUA Ryan Ogilvy

Monday, July 14, 2014

BENEFIT Cosmetics & MUA Ryan Ogilvy in Step-by-Step MAKE UP TUTORIAL

Well, still discussing about our last charity event named IFTAR CHARITY SESSION in Plaza Senayan with @LAIQAMagazine and @BENEFITID, now I'm going tell you the step-by-step make up from MUA Ryan Ogilvy and BENEFIT Cosmetics :

Since this was not BEAUTY CLASS or Make Up Class, and so on, we just saw the demo from the stage. Here, our professional Make Up Artist Ryan had a skinny yet beautiful model, Miss Audi..

Let's go to the STEP 1:
MOISTURIZER. You can apply moisturizer gently with your finger or brush, but Ryan did it with only fingers.. I don't know what @BENEFITID product he used at that time.

STEP 2 :
(usually, he does EYE after applying moisturizer), but in this event, he did with BENEFIT FOUNDATION LIQUID. Well, I don't know what product that he applied to the model, but may be the happening BIG EASY SPF 35+, this is liquid and the texture is so soft. It can be used as oil-controls and make it to natural-look-makeUP.. make a 5 tiny dots to your cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin. And then blend it with.......well, Ryan used his finger again, but based on his info, you can take a foundie brush when appplying it. Price : $38.00

STEP 3 :
(usually he does shading or powder), but in this event he went with BLUSH ON CREAM. There is only one way to make your blush-on cream look natural, that is : use your finger when applying it. He didn't say what BENEFIT Blush On that he has used.

STEP 4 :
POWDER. What I heard is, he said BENEFIT SUGARBOMB for face powder. I like the colors of this powder it has 4 shimmering shades, also the packaging ^ ^. You can apply it with powder brush, swirl the shades, and sweep on your face. Price : $28.00

STEP 5 :
EYE BASE. Absolutely @RianOgilvy did it with BENEFIT STAY DON'T STRAY for eyeshadow primer. Just apply 3 tiny dots on your eyelis, and blend. This primer can also be used as concealer. Price : $26.00

STEP 6 :
EYESHADOW. I think BENEFIT has a great complete kits for our EYES, and one of them is BENEFIT SMOKIN' EYES! It has 5 colors which can be used as highlighter, smokin' liner, or even draw your brow! COMPLETE! One color that Ryan has suggested to us is PINK Shadow is the most-have-item for girly look.. Price : $36.00

STEP 7 :
EYELINER. The FIRST EVER Lash-Hugging Gel Liner in a PEN : BENEFIT THEY'RE REAL PUSH UP LINER! and THEY'RE WON't SMUDGE!! Yes, I agree it is longwearing and waterproof!! It makes my eyes look bigger and fresh.. Price : $24.00

STEP 8 :
SHADING. I don't know what BENEFIT product that Ryan use. Here, he did a nose shading that you can apply from the deep-corner of your brow until the end of your nose, and then blend it. You can use brush or finger to apply nose shading. But I prefer make it with brush.

STEP 9 :
MASCARA. Our MUA used THEY'RE REAL! BENEFIT Mascara. This is make very dramatic volume and long-wearing results! Truly REAL! Price : $23.00

STEP 10 :
BROW. Well, I have no idea about the product that Ryan did, but @RianOgilvy and Ms. Icha, BM from @BenefitID gave an information about BROW WAXING SERVICE at Benefit Boutique at Plaza Senayan with only IDR 120.000 (well, gonna try this service, soon)

STEP 11 :
BLUSH ON. Skip the product, in here Ryan gave tips and trick HOW-To-Do-Blush On-in-SECONDS : within your brush, just swirl your blush on, and put it one-two-three to your  Apple bones and lines, and then blend it! Voilla! This trick is so easy-to-do and give natural-lookmake up.. one-two-three.. one-two-three.. *singing*

STEP 12 :
BRONZE. I have nothing to write what product that our MUA use at that time ^ ^, but always use your brush to contour it.

STEP 13 :
LIPTINT, Lipstick, and Lipgloss. First, he used BENETINT Rose Tinted - Lip in order to make the better outcome from the color. Price : $30.00.. And next lipstick, and the last is lipgloss. I heard he said ULTRA SHINES Foxy Lady for finishing to give sexy-look for lips. Price : $18.00

That's a wrap for step-by-step make up ala @RianOgilvy and @BENEFITID, someday I hope can join one of his Beauty Class or Make Up Class ^ ^.. Great cosmetics! Thank You @BENEFITID

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  1. I have few benefit items. Its perfect makeup line. Price line is good as concerned with quality.

  2. Hina Naz ==> absolutely, the price is good as the Benefit quality ^.^ thanks hun


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